Irish tech sector experiencing explosion of job opportunities

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by Wicus Grobler

This week again Ireland and its ICT sector are in the news.  Silicon Republic’s Kristy Tobin wrote this article,  about the announcement of more than 500 new jobs.

In a related article in the Irish Times, Enda Kenny is quote as stating “The Government wants to keep the recovery going by providing the right environment for companies like Infosys to locate, expand and create jobs,”.

In a broadcast on CNBC, Martin Shanahan, CEO off the IDA, is explaining what a competitive and transparent tax systems Ireland has.

So why the post, when every thing is all rosy?  What I have learned over the last couple of months, is that we have this great fanfare when these jobs are announced.  One of the biggest question that are being asked in the video is, does Ireland have the skilled resources to fill all these jobs?  To paraphrase Martin’s answer in the video, we can import the resources from other EU countries if we don’t have them.  To rephrase one of Kristy’s statements, not all jobs that will be created are going to be filled, as these companies will bring with them skilled employees.

But I do digress.

My real question is, where is the fanfare, the news broadcasts, the big pat on the back from the Irish government for local Irish Start-ups?  I haven’t seen them, and haven’t found any during the research.  It looks like most of the them disappeared from the face of the earth, not long after they started.

It’s nothing sinister, there’s no aliens beaming businesses away. What is happening is that most of these start-ups are just incorporated in bigger multi-nationals.  No new jobs announcements, no fanfare, no news headlines. Well the only time it does make the headlines, is when I young entrepreneur makes millions out of the transaction. I do sound like a bitter old man, a conspiracy theorist, or event the Grinch that stole Christmas.

During the last 15 years, Ireland has seen an unprecedented growth in foreign direct investment, and especially in ICT sector.  This in it self should give the Irish government sleepless nights.  If we look back at our own recent history in manufacturing, and the building trade, we should all be scared.  15 years ago, during a discussion with friends that took part in the Junior Achievement program, every second boy over the age off 10 wanted to be in the building trade, because that was where the money was.  No we have loads of skilled engineers, architects and laborours but very few no jobs.

I am going to hazard a prediction; if the Irish government do not support or become partner in local Irish ICT start-ups, in a bid ensure that these fledgling companies stay, grow and employ Irish talent, we are going to follow the same fate as the building industry in Ireland.

So after such a dark prediction.  I wish everybody a happy festive season.



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