My Pursuit to contact LaunchBox

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by Piush Vaish

As a student of Trinity College Dublin, my first intuition was to get in touch with LaunchBox to get answers to the following questions for my blog:

  • What happens to the companies from inception to getting funding?
  • What are the challenges facing start-ups?
  • Do they stay in Ireland or sell the business as soon as the company achieves its targets?
  • Are there any case studies for successes or failures?

I had visited their presentation last year when students were pitching their ideas. I also went to their demo day in Science Gallery.

LaunchBox on their describe website themselves as:

“LaunchBox is a start-up accelerator open to teams of Trinity students with an early-stage business. This three month summer program provides funding, mentorship, access to alumni, partner and investor networks and the ideal collaborative environment to launch new startup ventures.

Now in its third year, Launchbox has been extended to a twelve month brand which will (in addition to the three month accelerator program) support Trinity students by facilitating a calendar of workshops, mentoring, hackathon’s and pre-accelerators(launchbox, 2015). “

Imagine my surprise when I visited their website and could not find any “contact me” page. I always thought it was the second most important page on a website after home page.

The site does not list email address to contact them.

Furthermore site does not list a physical address. However I was not going to give up so easily. I did some internet research to look for a physical address.  I found the following by Trinity Research and Innovation which was last updated on 19th August, 2015:

“Located in Regent House (above the famous front arch of Trinity College) this city centre space offers super-fast Wi-Fi, strong coffee and comfy couches. With an inspiring view of the vibrant city on one side and the auspicious history of Front Square on the other, this is a space where big things can happen.(Innovation, 2015)”

It looked promising because Launchbox is funded by Trinity Research and Innovation with help from corporate partners. I decided to go for a visit and find out more.  It was Tuesday evening as I walked past the front gates; optimism was in the air till I saw the entrance to Regent House. There were two notices on the door. First one was:

“Restricted Area

Access for staff and student only. ID checks in operation.

College Security”

Second notice was:

“Storage of material is not permitted without the permission of Chief Steward”

I thought it was my lucky day I had my Student ID and was not planning to store any material.

Where is the office of LaunchBox? I stepped inside the building there was an accommodation office. I took the flights up to the hall and there was a belly dancing class taking place. I decided to go back down the stairs and look for another entrance to Regent house. I went around the building. I could not find another entrance. I decided to go and ask the security office. I was informed LaunchBox was at Regent House only during the summer months. I was disappointed as I headed to my class to study.

Later on during the week, I decided to click on the Facebook icon on the website and I got this


I clicked on YouTube icon and there are some videos from three months ago.

I clicked on Twitter icon and I see regular posts. I tried to find Facebook page again of LaunchBox through internet search and I stumbled across their Facebook page. It is a mirror of their twitter page. It seemed that LaunchBox is active on social media with tweets and posts.  I was amazed to discover a telephone number on their Facebook page. I dialled 018963269 however I could not get connected.

With all this going on,I just lost my interest to get in touch with LaunchBox. It does not seem like a twelve month programme. How can a student with a potential business idea get in touch with them? I  guess I just have to wait to find out till they get in touch with me again.


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